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Sabah Snake Grass and It’s Importance in Our Daily Lives

Sabah Snake Grass

Sabah Snake Grass

All of my posts have been about Daun Belalai Gajah which of course were written in Malay. Now that I have explained in detail about Belalai Gajah in this language, I think it would only be fair for me to extend my knowledge about this plant in English for this article. It actually amuses me that the name of this plant has different meaning in both Malay and English. In Malay the meaning of Belalai Gajah means “Elephant’s Trunk” whereas Sabah Snake Grass means “Rumput Ular Sabah” or the Grass that is named after a Sabah Snake or is it a Snake that is from Sabah that eats the grass known as Sabah Snake Grass (Grass that is food for Sabahan Snakes in short)? Anyway my point is that the name of the plant differs in meaning in both languages.

Sabah Snake Grass in Wikipedia

Like many of us, should we hear about something we have never heard before, the first place that we would search is Wikipedia. Sabah Snake Grass in Wikipedia will tell you that the plant scientific name is Clinacanthus nutans and it is a member of the Acanthaceae family. This actually makes me wonder if they would reveal the name of the Godfather of Sabah Snake GrassGodfather as well since the introduction sounded like an introduction to a Mafia crime family. Marlon Brando’s face suddenly came to mind. This is however far from the truth. The plant especially the leaves has high content of antioxidant, if you were to look up why the name of the family were mentioned. The plant in this family has high medicinal value and thus it is widely used as such for those practicing or consuming alternative or traditional medication.

Sabah Snake Grass is popular in countries like Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

The medicinal value that Sabah Snake Grass leaves contain is said to cure illnesses such as:
a) Cancer
b) Diabetes
c) Hypertension
d) Gout
e) Kidney problems
f) Menstrual or Period Pain
g) Period Inconsistency
h) Fibroid
i) Cyst
j) Skin Problems
k) Hair Growth Problems

Consuming the tea made of Sabah Snake Grass leaves is easy. There are a few ways of eating or drinking the leaves:
a) Consume it as it is. If people are able to eat fish as it is – without cooking (raw) why wouldn’t you eat leaves without cooking it as well? When you consume it as it is, you make it like it is a dish on its own. You eat it raw with rice and maybe with shrimp paste sambal. It is DELICIOUS!
b) Cook it. Yup, there is a little of hardship involved but hey, if you are a good cook or maybe you know someone who is a good cook, you cook those leaves.
c) You turn it into juices. With add-ons like green apple and water and the use of a blender, you could turn the simple leaves from the Acanthaceae family of into juices.
d) Make it into hot tea. This is our favourite topic. We love a cuppa tea in the morning or in the evening and what else could make the enjoyment of our hot beverage even better? Great Wonderful Health! What more can we say about a simple habit of drinking tea daily? If you value health then you would understand and agree with me or us as to why we are supposed to adopt this healthy habit.
e) Pills – yes there are Sabah Snake Grass leaves pill on sale but it is less popular plus the necessary certification required for such alternative is too time consuming for manufacturer to comply thus make it less popular.

Sabah Snake Grass Tea

Our Teh Belalai Gajah or Sabah Snake Grass Tea is easy to consume. Every sachet is individually packed so that you can bring it along with you during your travels unlike consuming it raw off the tree or maybe so if you prefer making juices. Imagine preparing your plant for the flight then explaining to immigration. I am sure your plant will be quarantined and you will not be able to enjoy your daily diet of the said leaves. We make it simple and more enjoyable plus less hassle too.

Sabah Snake Grass Tea

The taste is just lovely. It has the slight taste of Green Tea so if you have had the chance to try the said tea and you didn’t mind, you wouldn’t mind to drink this tea either. There is no foul smell either. So if you were to ask us to give a rating on the taste and smell, I would give it an 8 or a 9 out of 10. I really don’t mind it so I am sure anyone else wouldn’t either.

What about side effect of Sabah Snake Grass Tea?

I had experienced some side effect. I grew a third eye and my soul travels all over the world without my body when I sleep….Just kidding. I had little side effect for the first week when I started. It wasn’t at all unpleasant actually. My experience was that my poop had no shape and a little watery but I didn’t had any stomach ache or any of that sort. Just that when it is time to pass motion, I did so with ease but my waste did not have any shape. That was about it. There were feed backs to which their side effect was more inconvenient to which they experienced head ache or diarrhea but when they persist, every uncomfortable experiences stopped after a few days and whatever their illnesses they had had improved tremendously. The testimonials are being posted on our website. Please feel free to check it out.

If you don’t have any illnesses but you would like to adopt drinking Sabah Snake Grass Tea to maintain your good health, I would recommend it very much. I come from a family with histories of diabetes, kidney problems and hyper tensions and at my age of 47, I am very blessed to inform that I have none of the said.

I wish you will enjoy the same good health as well.
Cheers! (lifting my Sabah Snake Grass Tea cup to all of you)